Candy Crush Saga Level 1334 Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Level 1334 Tips

The goal of Candy Crush level 1334 is to remove 36 two-layered Jellies and reach 54,000 points within 36 moves. Read the tips, watch the video and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Candy Crush Saga level 1334.

Candy Crush Level 1334 Video

The video below demonstrates how I completed the level. It will show you what the objective of the level is and how you can complete it as well.

If the goal or layout of the current level is different compared to what you see in the video below, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below and we’ll update the video.

Candy Crush Level 1334 Tips

With the Evil Spawners constantly spawning Chocolate it’s difficult to match candies adjacent to them, but not impossible. So make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to match candies adjacent to them.

The more realistic way to destroy the first few Evil Spawners is by hitting them with special candies. With candies of only five colors on the playing field you shouldn’t have problems making them. Because the Evil Spawners keep spawning Chocolate you shouldn’t hold on to special candies and just activate them. Wrapped candies in particular are useful during this level.

Once you destroy a few Evil Spawners it will become rather easy to destroy the remaining ones and clear the Jellies. It’s only the first few that are difficult to destroy.

When possible, match candies near the bottom of the playing field as often as you can. Doing this will shift the largest amount of candies and hopefully start a chain reaction that will create new opportunities to make special candies.

If you have a tip, question or comment specific for Candy Crush Saga level 1334 we welcome you to leave a comment below!

  • Luci

    This level is insane…the chocolate comes a whole row at a time. I cannot get ahead of it. I really think having a whole row of these spawners it the bottom is overkill. By the time I am on my 9th move I am done.

  • Luci

    Got it finally…. must just wait for the lucky board!

  • there have been some really bad levels since 1000, but this has to be in the top 2 or 3 worst levels.

  • Kim

    This Level is the worst in the entire game…9 moves and it can be over. If you make special candies, the chocolate eats it up faster than you can match it. I think my addiction to this game is finally over. Good Luck you all!!

  • Carla Irvine

    1334….I’m done

  • Rose gaga

    this is a really hard and boring level … I think to stop playing…. why king you create such levels ……it doesn’t challenging too ….. so boring…..

  • Nita Hallman

    Worst level ever. CC, thanks for killing the fun.

  • Josefa Molina

    I agree. This level is too hard. I may just quit playing.

  • Kay

    I will finally get my life back!! Spent too many hours a day playing. Ran across some hard ones, but at least I could figure out the strategy. I can not on this one. One time I had one “spawner’ to go, but had no idea how I got there. Just not enjoyable anymore. I’m over and out! Bummer……….

  • Rebecca

    My chocolate squares come way faster than you show in your video.