Candy Crush Saga Level 2189 Tips

The goal of Candy Crush level 2189 is to bring down and collect 1 Hazelnut and 1 Cherry within 50 moves. Read the tips, watch the video and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Candy Crush Saga level 2189.

Candy Crush Level 2189 Video

The video below demonstrates how I completed the level. It will show you what the objective of the level is and how you can complete it as well.

If the goal or layout of the current level is different compared to what you see in the video below, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below and we’ll update the video.


Candy Crush Level 2189 Tips

Note: 50 moves seems a bit too much for this level, so don’t be surprised when this number is reduced with future updates. The strategy below still applies though.

Start the level by clearing the Icing and Licorice Swirls in the middle few columns. Clearing them will increase the space in which you can match candies and make special candies.

With the blockers at the center gone it’s time to make special candies you can use to hit the blockers at the edges of the playing field. The blockers near the bottom are easy to clear and the higher up you go the more difficult it is to clear the blockers. This means you have to prioritize clearing the blockers near the top of the playing field over clearing the ones near the bottom.

With candies of five colors on the playing field you shouldn’t have too many problems making special candies. Still, take your time and don’t miss out on opportunities to make special candies. Consider holding on to special candies until you can combine them because of the combination’s enhanced effect.

The arrows in the image below show where the Ingredients will end up after they go through the teleporter. The Cherry will follow the red arrows and the Hazelnut the blue arrows.

Moving the Ingredients from the most left to the middle columns ins’t too hard. However to move them from the center of the playing field to the most right column you have to wait until the Ingredients are positioned at the locations highlighted in red before you clear one of the candies highlighted in blue. Only when an Ingredient is positioned above a teleporter can it move through it.

If you have a tip specific for Candy Crush Saga level 2189 we welcome you to leave a comment below! Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Candy Crush Level 2189 Image