Diamond Digger Saga Level 225 Tips

The goal of Diamond Digger Saga level 225 is to wake up 2 Fireflies in 21 moves. Read the tips, watch the video and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Diamond Digger Saga level 225.

Diamond Digger Saga Level 225 Tips & Hints

Room 1: The only thing you need to do in this room is cool the lava blocks highlighted in white (image 1) and advance to the next room. Don’t worry about cooling the other lava blocks as they’re not in your way.

Room 2: Once again your goal is to advance to the next room as quickly as possible. If you can avoid clearing some of the Stone Maker blocks, do it, but it’s rather difficult in this room. Preferably, you’ll want to cool the lava block highlighted in white (image 2) before it reaches the drain and blocks it. Save your Magic Orb for the next room.

Room 3: Clear a path to the Firefly and wake it up before clearing a Stone Maker block. The moment you see you can wake up the Firefly, use your Color Burst on the diamond color that will wake up the Firefly. Remember the flow of water reaches the Firefly before the rocks from the Stone Maker blocks do, so it doesn’t matter if you clear Stone Maker blocks with your Color Burst. Actually, you’ll want to clear as many Stone Maker blocks with your Color Burst as you can. Charge your Magic Orb or get close to charing it before entering the next room.

Room 4: Before clearing a path to the drain, use your Color Burst and clear all the Stone Maker blocks because it’s difficult to avoid them since they’re located right next to the drain. Only after they’re all cleared should you clear a path to the drain and while doing this, it’s best to clear the bottom row because the rocks that spread after a Stone Maker block is cleared don’t reach that row..

Room 5: This is probably the most difficult room. Once again you’ll want to clear all the Stone Maker blocks before clearing a path to the drain. Although it’s possible to avoid the Stone Maker block in the bottom right corner, it’s saver if you just clear them all. Once they’re cleared, work your way towards the drain. It doesn’t matter if your Magic Orb isn’t charged for the next room.

Room 6: The only thing you should know about this room is that the flow of water is faster than the rocks that spread after a Stone Maker block is cleared and will wake up the Firefly before it’s blocked by rocks. So clear from the Firefly towards the drain and avoid clearing Stone Maker blocks until the last match-up that will wake up the Firefly. That’s the best moment to use your Color Burst.

Basic Tips To Keep In Mind

To complete the level we’ve compiled a small list of general tips that should help you along the way. While some tips are more useful than others, it’s always good to be reminded of the basics.

  • Most important tip of all is to take your time. Calculate where diamonds will be placed after you create a match-up and search for the best match-ups possible.
  • Match large number of diamonds at a time to charge the Magic Orb faster. Don’t be shy about using it, the sooner you set it off, the quicker it begins charging again!
  • Dig from the bottom to the top. Oftentimes when a level’s water flow is blocked by sand, rock or ice, you may lack the correct diamonds to clear a path. Try digging upwards from the screen’s drain.
  • Some ground blocks take more than one match-up to clear. Rocks, for instance, can only be wiped away if diamonds are matched on them two or more times.

Diamond Digger Saga Level 225 Gameplay Video

If you have tip specific for Diamond Digger Saga level 225 or have anything to say about this level, we welcome you to leave a comment below!