Pet Rescue Saga Level 5092 Tips

The goal of Pet Rescue level 5092 is to rescue 2 pets and get 3000 points within 38 moves (Extra Hard Level) Read the tips, watch the video and get an idea of what you’re supposed to do on Pet Rescue Saga level 5092.

Pet Rescue Level 5092 Video

The video below demonstrates how the level is completed. It will show you what the objective of the level is and how you can complete it as well.

If the goal or layout of the current level is different compared to what you see in the video below, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below and we’ll update the video.

Pet Rescue Level 5092 Tips

pet rescue saga level 5092

To beat the level we’ve compiled a small list of general tips that should help you along the way. While some tips are more useful than others, it’s always good to be reminded of the basics.

  1. Our most important tip would be to take your time because there is no time limit. Taking your time will allow you to roughly calculate where blocks will end up after a match which in turn will help you make better decisions and get higher scores.
  2. Pay attention to the objective / game mode. Pet Rescue Saga has various types of game modes all of which require you to do something different. Before you start a level make sure you know what you have to do before you act on it in the first place.
  3. When a pet nears the bottom of the board it means it’s soon going to be set loose. There’s usually a couple of seconds delay when those pets leaving the board. This results in the blocks above the pet staying in the same formation before it adjusts to the pet’s absence. Use those precious few seconds to get a few block combos going.
  4. Be careful of Pet Snatchers. When there are no valid moves left the pets located at the top of the screen will be taken by Pet Snatchers. If you are trying to save a certain number of pets, the loss of one pet could easily make you fail your objective. To prevent your pets from being snatched pay attention to pets that are shaking. You can tell that pets are about to be snatched when they’re shaking.
  5. Make big clusters of blocks. Bigger clusters mean more points. Try to join the single blocks with bigger groups of blocks of the same color so that you get extra points. Additionally, this will charge your booster for that level in a faster manner. There are a lot of levels which give you a free booster just for that level.

If you have a tip for Pet Rescue Saga level 5092 we welcome you to leave a comment below! Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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