Candy Crush Tips, Tricks, and Cheats!

Candy Crush is a popular puzzle game developed by King which was first released in 2012 for web browsers, and later on for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and others. The game is known for its colorful design and simple yet addictive gameplay.

The main objective in Candy Crush is to match three or more candies of the same color to clear them from the board and earn points. The game includes various levels with different challenges, such as achieving a certain score within a limited number of moves or clearing specific obstacles from the board.

Over the years, Candy Crush has expanded into a franchise, including several sequel games and spin-offs, each introducing new gameplay elements and challenges. It has become one of the most successful mobile games, generating revenue through in-app purchases and advertising.

Where to Play Candy Crush

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Candy Crush Communities Discussion Forum – A space where enthusiasts gather to share tips, strategies, and insights to conquer challenging levels. Whether you’re seeking advice, looking to help others, or simply want to connect with fellow gamers, this forum offers a wealth of knowledge and camaraderie. From gameplay questions to technical support, the King Discussion Forum is your go-to destination for all things related to Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Saga Wiki – Collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to the Candy Crush Saga. This comprehensive resource is designed for players seeking detailed information about gameplay mechanics, levels, strategies, boosters, characters, and much more.

Candy Crush Help Facebook Group – This group was created for Candy Crush Saga players to help each other and give encouragement. We share tips, help and encouragement for our favorite game!

Candy Crush Discord – Discord server that is a vibrant community that allows players to connect, share experiences, and offer or receive advice on the game.

Candy Crush Gameplay

Swipe candies horizontally or vertically to create a match of three or more candies of the same color. The main objective varies by level, but generally, you need to match three or more candies of the same color to achieve specific goals within a limited number of moves or time. Goals can include reaching a certain score, clearing jelly blocks from the board, collecting a number of specific candies, or bringing special ingredients to the bottom of the board.

Special Candies

Matching more than three candies creates special candies that have various effects, such as clearing an entire row, column, or even all candies of the same color on the board.

Creatable Special Candies

Below are the three different candies you can create, how you can create them, and their effects.

Striped CandyClearance of entire row or column - depending on the stripes.Match 4 candies in a row
Wrapped CandyClears the surrounding 8 candies, activates twice.Make 5 candies in a T or L shape
Color BombWhen swapped with a candy, all candies of that color are removed from the board.Match 5 or more candies in a row

Uncreatable Special Candies

Below are the two different candies you can’t create, but can appear on the board or be used from a booster.

Jelly FishRemoves one layer from three random priority targets (usually jellies), going under blockers if necessary.
Coconut WheelWhen switched with a regular candy, continues on in that direction, clearing all candies from its path. Also converts the first 3 candies to Striped Candies, and activates them.

Combination of Special Candies

If you are lucky enough to get two special candies to next to one another, you are able to swipe them together for an exceptional effect! To see all the combinations and effects, check out this chart of the Candy Crush Wiki.

Types of Levels

There are currently five types of levels – jelly levels, ingredients levels, candy order levels, mixed levels and rainbow rapids levels. Timed levels and moves levels have been removed from the game. Each type of level has a different type of objective that you need to complete in order to move onto the next level. It is always important to pay attention to the objective of the level you are currently on!

Jelly Levels

Jelly levels involves clearing the jelly squares that are underneath the candies. Match candies on top of the jelly to remove the jelly from the board. The objective will be a number of jelly that you need to clear. Candy Crush Level 8 is the first jelly level in the game.

Ingredient Levels

Ingredient levels require you to get a certain number of ingredients into the green arrows. This usually involves getting them from the top of the screen to the bottom, but the location of the green arrows can vary. The first ingredient level in Candy Crush is Level 17.

Candy Order Levels

The most straight-forward of all the different types of levels is Candy Order Levels. In order to complete these levels you just need to match the required number of candies or special candies displayed. Level 1 is the first type of this level in the game.

Mixed Levels

Mixed levels are the most common type of level in Candy Crush and can be some of the most difficult levels to complete. Mixed levels are levels with two or more objectives from the different level types. They are found mostly in the higher levels. Level 1688 was originally the first mixed level and now is nearly impossible to beat without boosters.

Rainbow Rapids Levels

Rainbow Rapids Levels are the newest type of level and first appear in Level 7116. You needs to form rainbow candies to complete the levels. To do this, you must lead the Rainbow flowing from the rainbow cannons to a mold. by having a cleared rainbow stream between them.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few general tips and tricks for beating Candy Crush levels. These tips won’t apply to every level in the game, but will definitely make you a better Candy Crush player overall.

Prioritize the Objective

This might seem like common sense, but the first thing you should look at when you approach a new level is the objective of that level and the number of moves you have to complete the objective. In the mobile version of the game, you will find all that information at the top of the screen. In the desktop version of the game, that information will be on the left side of the screen.

If you are unsure of what the goal of the level is, check out the level types above to identify what type of level you are currently working on. If you are still stuck, check out our complete list of levels below and you can find the exact information for your current level.

Create Special Candies

Special candies will help you clear levels in fewer moves than just matching as many candies as you can. One strategy is to just focus on making special candies and not even worry about the objective. This generally has fantastic results, but occasionally you will have to be more strategic than that.

Check out our table above to see how to create special candies. Use them in combination with each other for even better results!

Form a Strategy

The only limit you have for every level is the number of moves you must complete it in. There are no restrictions on how much time you must finish in or how you must play the level. If you are stuck on a certain level, it is important to watch a video and pick up some tips.

Maybe you notice that the person is starting off in a different area of the board or trying to create a certain type of special candies. Take your time and calculate out how your moves will effect the other candies on the board.

Each time you fail a level, try to understand what went wrong. Did you run out of moves? Were there too many obstacles left? Use this insight to adjust your strategy.

Sometimes, taking a break can give you a new perspective on a difficult level. Don’t hesitate to step away and return later with a fresh mind.

Getting Boosters

A booster is a special item that can be used to help you pass levels more easily or with a higher score. Boosters can have various effects, such as clearing a portion of the board, providing extra moves, or even changing the layout of candies to favor the player. They are designed to assist in difficult situations or to enhance the gameplay experience.

Boosters can be unlocked when you reach a certain level which will get you three free boosters of the boosters that are said to be released in that episode. The game board refers to this as “unlocking boosters”. More boosters can be obtained via Events, purchasing or continuing using gold, or real-life money.

Free boosters can be renewably obtained in various ways, most notably via completing events and watching advertisements. However, there may be limitations, such as that the obtained booster has to be used immediately upon obtaining, or that the feature is only available on the apps

Any boosters that you have should only be used on extremely difficult levels. There are some levels which are nearly impossible to clear without using boosters and you can check if you are on one by visiting the Wiki and typing in your level. Here is a list of all boosters and when you should use them.

Here are a few examples of common boosters in Candy Crush Saga:

  • Lollipop Hammer: Allows you to smash a candy or obstacle, effectively removing it from the board.
  • Free Switch: Enables you to switch two adjacent candies that don’t necessarily match, without using a move.
  • Extra Moves: Adds additional moves to the level, giving you more chances to meet your objective.
  • Striped and Wrapped: Automatically starts your level with a Striped and a Wrapped candy randomly placed on the board.
  • Color Bomb: Places a Color Bomb candy somewhere on the board at the start of the level.
  • Coconut Wheel: When activated, the Coconut Wheel creates 3 striped candies and clears three rows or columns.
  • Jelly Fish: In Jelly levels, Jelly Fish can be activated to target and clear random pieces of jelly on the board.


Lives are essentially your chances to attempt levels. Each time you start a level, you use one life. The game has a system where you have a maximum number of lives, and if you fail a level by not meeting its objectives, you lose one life. The default maximum number of lives is five, although this can be temporarily increased through various game promotions, bonuses, or purchases.

How Lives Work

  • Regeneration: Lives regenerate over time – it takes 30 minutes to regenerate one life. This means if you’ve run out of lives, you have to wait for some time before you can play again, unless you use other means to replenish your lives quicker.
  • Requesting from Friends: You can request extra lives from your friends who also play the game. This is done within the game’s social features, where you can send and receive lives from your friends list.
  • Purchases: If you’re eager to keep playing and don’t want to wait for your lives to regenerate, you can purchase additional lives using real money through in-game purchases. This can provide an immediate continuation of gameplay without the wait. However, this is the WORST PURCHASE and SHOULD NOT BE PURCHASED
  • Special Events or Bonuses: Occasionally, the game may offer special events or bonuses that give you extra lives or quicker regeneration rates for a limited time. These can help you play for longer periods without running out of lives.

Lives are a critical resource in Candy Crush Saga because they limit how many attempts you can make at a level within a certain timeframe. This mechanic adds a layer of challenge and strategy to the game, as you need to be mindful of how many attempts you have left and may need to strategize about when to play and how to maximize the use of your lives. It also encourages players to take breaks or engage with the game’s social features to request and gift lives with friends.


Candy Crush Saga features a variety of special events and challenges that provide players with opportunities to earn extra rewards, boosters, and even unlimited lives for a limited time. These events add an extra layer of excitement to the game, offering new challenges and incentives to play beyond just progressing through levels. Here are some examples of events that have been featured in Candy Crush Saga:

Daily Booster Wheel

The Daily Booster Wheel is a staple event that gives players a chance to spin a wheel once a day for a free booster. This event has been a long-standing feature and continues to be a favorite among players for its daily rewards.

Candy Necklace

If you win a level, you start a win streak on the Candy Necklace and will get a reward for the next one. Rewards only apply for the first attempt, in which one is eligible for a golden crown; they do not apply for replays.

If you fail or quit a level, you lose the streak, and all of the rewards are gone. On the starting board, a bag is seen, and it breaks into special candies and put it on the board. Sometimes empty spaces were used.

If you win, you get:

  1. 1 Striped Candy, 1 Colour Bomb
  2. 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Striped Candy, and 1 Wrapped Candy
  3. 3 Extra Moves, 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Striped Candy, and 1 Wrapped Candy
  4. Same as 3: 3 Extra Moves, 1 Colour Bomb, 1 Striped Candy, and 1 Wrapped Candy
  5. 3 Extra Moves, 2 Striped Candies, 2 Wrapped Candies, and 1 Colour Bomb

Episode Race

The Episode Race is a competitive event that pits players against each other to see who can complete a new set of levels (an episode) the fastest. This game records how fast other players finished an episode and will give out prizes depending on placement, giving players the opportunity to race through the levels for a chance to win rewards.

Being a highly reliable source of gold bars nowadays, this event, in conjunction with other powerful events like Candy Necklace, means that boosters, and possibly even Gold, should be used to prevent level failure, and the subsequent loss of event bonuses.


Embarking on the Candy Crush Saga journey unveils a realm where strategy meets fun in a colorful match-three puzzle game that has captivated millions. Through this comprehensive guide, we’ve delved into the essence of the game, offering strategic insights for navigating its challenges and maximizing enjoyment. From leveraging special candies and boosters to engaging with vibrant communities for tips and encouragement, Candy Crush Saga presents a dynamic gameplay experience.

With over 16,000 levels and regular updates, including events like the Episode Race and the Daily Booster Wheel, the game remains endlessly engaging. Whether you’re a seasoned player aiming for mastery or a newcomer drawn into the candy-colored world, Candy Crush Saga offers a sweet escape into strategic puzzle-solving and community camaraderie. Let this guide be your gateway to mastering the game’s delightful challenges and becoming part of its global community of enthusiasts.

All Levels

There are currently 16000+ levels at the creation of this page. 45 new levels are released weekly so you will never run of levels to play! This website is updated weekly with the new levels and you can find all of the levels of Candy Crush Saga listed below.