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royal match tips

Royal Match is a match-3 puzzle game developed by Dream Games, Ltd. Unlike the Candy Crush series, Royal Match offers a unique twist on the genre by incorporating elements of interior design and castle renovation. In the game, players progress through levels by matching three or more of the same items to clear the board and complete specific objectives. As players succeed in these levels, they earn stars, which can then be used to unlock and renovate different areas of a royal castle. Read below for Royal Match tips tricks, and cheats!

Where to Play Royal Match

iOS App Store
Google Play Store
Galaxy Store
Amazon Appstore

Royal Match Communities

Royal Match Official Facebook Fan Group – This is a place for Royal Match players around the world to meet, chat and share their game achievements! Here, you can find game-buddies, promote your team and find teammates, share Royal Match tips, strategies, and fanart!

Royal Match Wiki – A fan-created resource that compiles detailed information about the game, including tips for completing levels, strategies for difficult challenges, descriptions of game mechanics, and lists of game features like special tiles, power-ups, and event guides.

Official Royal Match Support – Common FAQs from the creators of the game themselves. If you are having trouble with your account or need some information about the game, this is the place to go.

Royal Match Gameplay

Royal Match gameplay revolves around the popular match-3 puzzle format – swap adjacent items on a board to match three or more identical items. Matches can be made horizontally, vertically, and, in some cases, in special formations that create unique power-ups. Following these Royal Match tips can help you understand the basics of the game more quickly.

There are 5 different match items: Book, Crown, Leaf, Shield, and Gem. Those go along with 5 power-ups – Rocket, Propeller, TNT, and Light Ball.


Check out the table below to see all of the different Power-ups in Royal Match, how to create them, and their special effect!

RocketMatching 4 of the same colored items in a row.Clears all items in a column or a row depending on which direction it is pointed.
PropellerCreated by matching 4 of the same color items in a square.Clears a random obstacle. When taking off, Propeller also clears neighboring items.
TNTCreated by matching 5 of the same color items in an L or T shape.Clears all items or removes one-layer from multi-layered game elements within a two-tile radius. It means that it will effect a total of 24 tiles around it.
Light BallMatching 5 of the same colored items in a row!Clears all items of one color.


Like with most match-3 style games, you must complete an objective before moving onto the next level. Royal Match tips can guide you through the wide array of elements that require different methods of clearing them. There are dozens of different elements in the game, so we won’t be listing them all. Below you can find examples of the different types of elements in Royal Match. If you are looking for the complete list of elements, check out the Wiki.

Adjacent Matches

The most common element in the game is when you have to make matches adjacent to the objective. Sometimes you will just have to make a match with the normal pieces, other times you will have to use power-ups to destroy them – depending on the type of element. Here are a few examples:

Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes only require you to make a match next to them to be destroyed. However, they can also be destroyed with power-ups.

Porcelain Piggy

Must be hit with power-ups to be destroyed.

Ice Cube

Ice cubes can either have matches next to it or be struck by power-ups. Once you hit the ice cube 6 times, a polar bear will appear. You must get the polar bear to the bottom of the screen for it to count for your objective.


Generators are elements that require you to match next to them or use power-ups in order for them to generate another item. You need to clear whatever item they generate in order to clear the objective. Some generators only require one match next to them while others might require multiple.


To complete the objective of envelopes, you must make matches next to mailboxes or hit them with power-ups. Once the envelope objective has been completed, the mailboxes will close.


Some generators require multiple hits to produce something. The cauldron requires 3 power-up hits or matches in order to release 3 pumpkins onto the board. Once the pumpkin is on the board, you must match next to them or hit them with power-ups twice in order to complete the objective.

Other Elements

There are several other types of elements which can all be seen on the Royal Match Fandom page. Here are a few examples of the other different types of elements:

  • Container: These contain the multiple elements inside of them and must be destroyed by making matches next to them or hitting them with power-ups. Containters include the Cupboard, Bird House, and Potion Bottle. Some containers, like the Potion Bottle, require you to make matches with the associated colored element in order to destroy them.
  • Consecutive: Like the name suggests, matches or power-ups must be used consecutively on this element in order to complete the objective. These elements include the Bow Ties and Lanterns.
  • Layered: Layered elements could either be on top of the board or below it. If the element like Honey or Chains is on top of the board, you must make matches adjacent to those elements to remove them. If the layer is underneath, like Grass, you must make matches on top of that area to remove the element and complete the objective.
  • Special: There are several other special types of elements that require you to do something unique to complete the objective. If you would like to read more about those, click the link above this list.

Bonus Levels

Bonus Levels in Royal Match have the objective of collecting as many coins as possible. At the beginning of the game, these levels appear every 10 levels and eventually only occur every 100 levels. You are provided with plenty of power-ups and fewer swappable pieces.

Coins can be used for:

  • Buying additional moves while playing levels.
  • Buying boosters.
  • Refilling lives.

King’s Nightmare

If you have ever seen an ad for Royal Match, there is a good chance that it was showing a King’s Nightmare Level or something very similar. These levels are timed and require you to make a certain amount of matches in order to save the King. You are able to skip these levels if you wish, but successful completion of the level awards you 50 coins.

Royal Match Tips and Tricks

1. Focus on Objectives

  • Understand the Goal: At the start of each level, take a moment to read and understand the specific objectives. Whether it’s collecting a certain number of items, breaking barriers, or clearing tiles, knowing the goal will help you prioritize your moves.
  • Ignore Distractions: Avoid making matches that don’t contribute to the objective. It’s easy to get distracted by potential power-up matches or clearing large areas, but if those moves don’t help achieve the level’s goal, they’re not worth it.

2. Create and Use Power-Ups Wisely

  • Types of Power-Ups: Familiarize yourself with the different power-ups:
    • Rocket: Clears a row or column.
    • Bomb: Clears a small area around it.
    • TNT: Clears a larger area than the bomb.
  • Combining Power-Ups: Combining two power-ups creates a more powerful effect. For example:
    • Rocket + Rocket: Clears both a row and a column.
    • Rocket + Bomb: Creates a cross-shaped explosion.
    • Bomb + Bomb: Causes a larger explosion than a single bomb.
  • Strategic Use: Use power-ups at strategic moments to clear difficult sections or complete objectives quickly. Save them for when you really need them rather than using them as soon as you create them.

3. Plan Your Moves

  • Analyze the Board: Before making a move, take a few seconds to look at the entire board. Identify potential matches and power-up opportunities.
  • Think Ahead: Consider the consequences of your moves. For example, making a match at the bottom of the board might cause a chain reaction that creates new matches or power-ups.
  • Set Up Combos: Try to create situations where you can combine power-ups. Sometimes it’s worth making a few smaller matches to set up a powerful combination.

4. Utilize Boosters

  • Types of Boosters: Boosters can be used before or during a level to give you an edge:
    • Pre-Level Boosters: These are selected before starting a level and might include extra moves, more power-ups on the board, etc.
    • In-Game Boosters: These can be activated during the game to perform specific actions, like clearing a row or column.
  • Strategic Use: Use boosters strategically, especially on tough levels. If you’re stuck or close to completing an objective, a well-timed booster can make the difference.
  • Don’t Hoard Boosters: While it’s good to save boosters, don’t hoard them unnecessarily. Use them when needed to avoid getting stuck and losing progress.

5. Take Advantage of Free Lives and Extra Moves

  • Daily Rewards: Log in daily to collect rewards, which often include free lives, extra moves, or boosters.
  • Events and Challenges: Participate in events and challenges, which often offer additional lives or moves as rewards for completing certain tasks.
  • Watch Ads: Some games offer the option to watch ads in exchange for extra lives or moves. Take advantage of this to extend your playtime or get the help you need on tough levels.
  • Ask Friends for Lives: If the game has a social feature, don’t hesitate to ask friends for lives or extra moves.


In Royal Match, the game is structured into different themed areas, each with its unique design and set of levels. As you progress through the game, you unlock new areas by completing levels and earning stars. Each area comes with its unique set of challenges and visual themes, adding variety and keeping the gameplay engaging.

When you complete all the tasks of an area, you can open the Area Chest to receive coins, boosters, and cards! After completing all tasks in an area, you can unlock a new area by tapping the “New Area” button on the home screen.

  • Tasks show what can be built in that area.
  • There are a certain number of tasks in every area.
  • To complete a task, you need to use stars that can be gained through beating levels.
  • Upon completing all tasks in an area, you will open an Area Chest that contains coins, boosters, and cards.


The card system in Royal Match adds a collectible and strategic element to the game, encouraging players to engage in different activities and challenges to complete their card sets and earn valuable rewards. Cards can be collected through various means, such as completing levels, participating in events, or opening chests. Each card represents a different character, item, or element from the game, and they often belong to a specific set.

Cards are grouped into sets, with each set containing a certain number of unique cards. Completing a set usually provides players with special rewards, such as coins, boosters, or other in-game items.


Teams are a social feature that allows players to join together to achieve common goals, share resources, and compete in team events. There are various team events where you can participate as a team and get amazing rewards. You can create a team or join an existing one after reaching level 20. Players can participate in team events with their team and compete against other teams to claim wonderful rewards, such as Team Treasure and Team Battle. Team Battles are the best way to obtain free coins!


Solo Events

Crown Rush

  • Description: Players compete to collect crowns by completing levels.
  • How to Play: Complete levels to earn crowns. The more levels you complete, the more crowns you collect.
  • Rewards: Players earn coins, boosters, and other rewards based on the number of crowns collected and their rank on the leaderboard.

King’s Journey

  • Description: A series of special levels with unique challenges.
  • How to Play: Progress through a series of specially designed levels. Each level presents different challenges and objectives.
  • Rewards: Rewards typically include coins, boosters, and sometimes exclusive items for completing the journey or reaching certain milestones.

Treasure Hunt

  • Description: Players search for hidden treasures by completing levels.
  • How to Play: Complete levels to uncover treasure chests hidden on the game board.
  • Rewards: Treasure chests contain coins, boosters, and occasionally rare items.

Team Events

Team Chest

  • Description: A collective event where team members work together to fill a chest by completing levels.
  • How to Play: All team members contribute by completing levels, which fills up the team chest.
  • Rewards: Once the chest is full, all participating members receive rewards, which can include coins, boosters, and other valuable items.

Team Tournament

  • Description: Teams compete against each other to score the most points by completing levels.
  • How to Play: Complete levels to earn points for your team. The team with the highest points at the end of the event wins.
  • Rewards: Top teams on the leaderboard earn substantial rewards, including coins, boosters, and sometimes exclusive items.

Fireworks Festival

  • Description: A special event where teams collect fireworks by completing levels.
  • How to Play: Complete levels to collect fireworks. The more levels completed, the more fireworks your team collects.
  • Rewards: Rewards are given based on the number of fireworks collected, including coins, boosters, and exclusive event items.

How to Participate

  • Join a Team: To participate in team events, you need to be part of a team. You can join an existing team or create your own.
  • Check Event Calendar: Regularly check the event calendar in the game to stay updated on upcoming events and their start times.
  • Complete Levels: For most events, simply continue playing and completing levels. Your progress will contribute to both solo and team events.
  • Stay Active: Participate actively during events to maximize your rewards. Team events require collective effort, so staying active helps your team achieve better results.


  • Coins: Used for in-game purchases and to buy additional lives or boosters.
  • Boosters: Help you complete difficult levels by providing extra moves, clearing parts of the board, or creating powerful combinations.
  • Exclusive Items: Some events offer unique items or decorations that are not available through regular gameplay.
  • Lives: Additional lives can be crucial during events where continuous play is necessary to achieve high scores.


Royal Match offers a delightful blend of match-3 puzzles and castle renovation, providing players with an engaging and rewarding experience. By focusing on the game’s objectives, strategically using power-ups and boosters, planning moves, and participating in both solo and team events, you can enhance your gameplay and progress more efficiently.

Royal Match tips can help you collect crowns, complete special challenges, or work with a team to achieve common goals. There are plenty of opportunities to earn valuable rewards and enjoy the game. Join the vibrant Royal Match community, share your achievements, and continue exploring the enchanting world of Royal Match!

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